Makeover Project

Ellen P. is a giver. This 53-year-old mother of seven has always put others before herself. First, for her husband of 26 years (they are now divorced), children and grandchild, and now the long-term care patients she works with, others have always been her first priority.

Ever since she could remember, Ellen's focus has been on making sure everyone else received care and attention before herself.

Faced with breast cancer four years ago, Ellen underwent a full mastectomy. This life threatening scare had a definite effect on Ellen and sparked a thought of change.

"I realized maybe I need to do something for myself," she said.

With her three youngest children (age 14 and 10-year-old twins) still living at home, Ellen's life continues to revolve around family and work. Her oldest son, however, took it upon himself to do something for his mom. He submitted an application for her to the Vancouver Island Makeover Team to be selected for a makeover. Ellen was surprised and delighted to be chosen.

"I'm thrilled that I'm going to get my teeth fixed", she said. "The chemotherapy made my teeth worse then ever. They are discolored, loose and softer than they were before." She is excited to see the results and hopes for straight, even teeth with no gaps in between. Dr. David Babin and his team will work with Ellen to create her dream smile using cosmetic dentistry.

Just like the rest of us, Ellen's appearance shows the signs of aging. While she doesn't mind an occasional wrinkle, she is excited about making improvements to her skin. Dr. Mark Lupin and the Cosmedica staff will help Ellen correct her problem areas by creating a more youthful appearance. Using today's top technology in cosmetic dermatology, Dr Lupin will help Ellen look as young as she feels.

Ellen currently exercises, but is looking forward to having a more structured program. By working out with Michelle Shorter with Body Dynamics and Bootcamp Victoria, Ellen will receive the guidance she needs to reach her goals. She thinks having a trainer to work with will be a big help - "you kind of slide when you think nobody's looking," she laughed.

The nutritional advice is also a high priority on Ellen's list. "Because I'm so busy, I'm eager to learn how to eat properly when I'm rushed," she said. Michelle will help Ellen access her diet and show her how to eat a balanced diet.

Le Spa Sereine have a blank canvas in Ellen. "I've had the same hairstyle for years now," she said. "I'd like my hair to be different, longer, but I don't know how." She can't wait to see what the stylists will do, and intends to let them have free reign. "Whatever they think looks good," she said. Between hair, make-up and spa treatments, Ellen can't wait to be pampered.

With other's needs always in front of her own, Ellen is ready to shift the focus on her needs. While she will always work for others, she knows she must work on herself as well. It's been a long time coming, but it's definitely Ellen time to shine.