IV Sedation

If dental anxiety has caused you to worry about or postpone treatment in the past, we can help ensure that your next dental visit will be as pleasant as possible.


For many people,  a visit to the dentist may cause feelings of fear and anxiety. Dr. Babin is licensed and able to provide patient's with the option of intravenous sedation, as well as oral sedation. Though we always try to make all of our patient's as comfortable as possible while in our office, these methods may reduce anxiety and help some feel more relaxed while having their dental work completed.


For some, a light sedation to help with mild anxiety is sufficient. For others, who may have a higher level of anxiety or phobia, a higher level of sedation is sometimes required. Our goal at Babin Dentistry is to deliver the care you need in a relaxed, nonthreatening environment.


We would be happy to discuss the different sedation options available, including IV sedation and oral sedation, to find an option that best suits you.

Who should consider sedation?

You may want to consider sedation if:

  • You are fearful or anxious of dental treatment
  • You have extensive dental needs that will require longer appointments
  • You experience difficulty getting numb with local anesthesia
  • You have a sensitive gag reflex
  • You suffer from any health issues, such as neck or back pain, which could lead to discomfort while sitting in a dentist's chair


What is IV Sedation?

IV sedation, also known as "Conscious sedation" or "Twilight sedation", is a method is which medications are administered through an intravenous line. The ability to administer the medications this way allows for a quicker, more predictable onset of action and allows Dr. Babin the ability to readily increase or decrease your level of sedation as needed, quickly and comfortably. Shortly after starting the sedation, patients enter a relaxed, calm state that is maintained for the duration of the procedure. Though you are still conscious and able to respond to verbal cues throughout the procedure, it is the most effective method of reducing anxiety and overall awareness. Most patients become so relaxed that they close their eyes throughout the procedure. Dr. Babin as well as one of his trained assistants will be with you throughout the entire procedure and you will never be left alone. Patient's vital signs (including heart rate and rhythm, oxygen levels, and blood pressure) are monitored continuously throughout the procedure, ensuring your safety.

The sedation medications have an amnesic effect, so you'll have few, if any, memories of the visit. Because of how calm and relaxed patients are, it allows us the ability to complete more work than a typical appointment.


What is Oral Sedation?

Oral sedation is a method in which the use of oral prescription medication is used to achieve an appropriate level of drowsiness and relaxation so that a fearful patient can calmly receive the dental care he or she needs.  You will be given an oral sedative in our office approximately 1 hour prior to your scheduled appointment and we will gauge your level of relaxation. If needed, we will ask you to take an additional amount of your prescription medication.

Although oral sedation works great to relax patients and it is more effective than nitrous oxide alone, the effectiveness and onset of action are unpredictable in comparison to IV sedation in which we are able to quickly titrate the medications as needed.

For both IV sedation and oral sedation patients a medical assessment and review of any medications you are taking must be performed prior to your sedation appointment.

All sedation patients must have an escort bring them both to and from the office and follow specific pre and post operative instructions.