Modern Dentistry Has Come a Long Way!

Those of a certain generation may remember visits to the dentist as being a little scary and sometimes painful.

Googling “dentist jokes” almost always reveals cartoons depicting patients going through the roof, literally, along with jokes about how much it hurts to go to the dentist. Considering search engines are the face of the modern Internet it’s too bad they haven’t kept up with the times.

Today’s dentists are highly trained and practice techniques that help reduce pain and anxiety to make your visit to the dentist as routine as a visit to your doctor or other health professional. Bring your iPod and listen to your own music, tune in to the local radio station or ask your dentist what they have on offer in the way of diverting entertainment. If you’re really nervous Dr. Babin can offer a mild sedative to help you relax or even IV sedation if that’s what you need to make you comfortable and at ease. Call and discuss your concerns with Babin Dentistry to arrange a dental visit tailored to your particular needs.

Dr. Babin and Dr. Cload will be more than happy to explain the whole procedure, so you know exactly what to expect. They will make sure you get what you need to help remove any discomfort. These days there’s even a pre-anaesthetic that takes the sting out of the actual anaesthetic. It’s a walk in the park!

Taking care of your teeth is a necessity, not an option. Healthy teeth and gums are an integral part of whole body health with the added bonus of enhancing your appearance with a healthy smile. The old stories are just that, old stories. These days DENTISTS ROCK so get with the program and contact Babin Dentistry for more information or to book an appointment.